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“Design is intelligence made visible.”

Ghy Fight Covid

During the height of the pandemic in India, I decided to volunteer as a designer for a non-profit mobile application called Ghy Fight Covid. This app is an attempt to bring together a collection of resources to the fight against COVID in North-East India. Our app has reached 15,000 people so far

My Role

Graphic Design, Designing social media content to make users aware about the dangers of Covid and to promote the app. 

A series of posts about Black Fungus
A series of posts about 'Happy Hypoxia'
A series of posts about managing vaccine side effects

T-Series Stageworks Prospectus Design

T-Series is India's largest music label and they have the worlds biggest YouTube channel. I was commissioned to create a course prospectus for their educational institute called T-Series Stageworks. I worked on the design in collaboration with the creative director of T-Series, Jaipur, India.

Fly High (Brand Style Guide)

Brandstyle guide for a fictional private jet company.

Tissot Watch 2D Vector Illustration

My Role

Illustration, Graphic Design

Good Health Medical Clinic

My Role

Logo Design

Good Health Medical Clinic hired me to create a logo for them. They are a Mind, Body, Medicine Clinic based in Bangalore, India. So I created this logo for them representing Mind, Body and Medicine visually.


Beyond Fast Food (Branding)


Most fast food brands in the market are extremely unsustainable and have no respect for animal rights.


Beyond Fast Food is a 100% vegan, plant-based fast food chain which aims to solve problems relating to animal welfare and sustainability. I chose to go with a pink and white branding identity to represent the brands values of care and cleanliness.

Ethereum Protector (NFT)

Ethereum Protector is a digital art NFT that I created and sold on Foundation App.

My Role

All Aspects (3D Modeling, Compositing)


This artwork is a tribute to the Ethereum blockchain and crypto art community. In Ancient India, symbols of reptilian beings were used in temples to protect large sums of treasure. Through this concept, the mythical reptilian being called 'Ethereum Protector' was created. She is the protector of the Ethereum blockchain. The gears behind her represents the engineering of the blockchain mechanism, the clock represents its timelessness and the green network in the back represents blockchain nodes.

Wraz Album Art

Album Cover Design for a Wraz, Montreal

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