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Covid-Warriors (Game Concept)

My Role

Motion Graphic Design

Sangharsh - The Conflict is an award-winning short film about male child sexual abuse.

Ghy Fight Covid

During the height of the pandemic in India, I decided to volunteer as a designer for a non-profit mobile application called Ghy Fight Covid. This app is an attempt to bring together a collection of resources to the fight against COVID in North-East India. Our app has reached 15,000 people so far

My Role

Graphic Design, Designing social media content to make users aware about the dangers of Covid and to promote the app. 

A series of posts about Black Fungus
A series of posts about 'Happy Hypoxia'
A series of posts about managing vaccine side effects

Sangharsh - The Conflict - Award Winning Short-Film

My Role

Motion Graphic Design

Sangharsh - The Conflict is an award-winning short film about male child sexual abuse.

Beyond Fast Food (Branding)


Most fast food brands in the market are extremely unsustainable and have no respect for animal rights.


Beyond Fast Food is a 100% vegan, plant-based fast food chain which aims to solve problems relating to animal welfare and sustainability. I chose to go with a pink and white branding identity to represent the brands values of care and cleanliness.

Personal Work


“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.“
3D Art

Good Health Medical Clinic

My Role

Logo Design

Good Health Medical Clinic hired me to create a logo for them. They are a Mind, Body, Medicine Clinic based in Bangalore, India. So I created this logo for them representing Mind, Body and Medicine visually.


Ethereum Protector (NFT)

Ethereum Protector is a digital art NFT that I created and sold on Foundation App.


This artwork is a tribute to the Ethereum blockchain and crypto art community. In Ancient India, symbols of reptilian beings were used in temples to protect large sums of treasure. Through this concept, the mythical reptilian being called 'Ethereum Protector' was created. She is the protector of the Ethereum blockchain. The gears behind her represents the engineering of the blockchain mechanism, the clock represents its timelessness and the green network in the back represents blockchain nodes.

My Role

All Aspects

Tissot Watch 2D Vector Illustration

My Role

Illustration, Graphic Design

Public Speaking

I was recently invited to an event to talk about how blockchain technology can be used by artists and designers to monetize digital assets.

Apex PWM UX/UI Re-Design

My Role

Research, Interviews, UX/UI Design

Design Process

-My research involved finding out as much information as I could about the company.
- I collected as many visual collaterals as I could from the company archives.
-I learnt all about their business model and requirements.
-Conducted interviews with senior employees including the CEO. 

-To make the site trust look more trustworthy, we decided place a group photo of all the advisors on the landing page.
-We used blue as our primary color as blue is known to be a color of trust according to psychology. We also decided to use gold color for special occasions  to give a more premium feel. 
-I developed several wireframes and prototypes to find the right visual hierarchy. 

-I collected feedback from employees and amended changes according to their feedback.

-I started building the website using wordpress.
-I collaborated with software developers to develop website.


To Whomsoever it may concern,
I highly recommend Abhinav Tyagi as a candidate for employment. Abhinav was employed as an In-house Graphic Design intern at APEX PWM from 21st May 2018 to 28th July 2018 under my direct supervision. During his stint as an intern, I developed a very high regard for him based on his stellar contributions to the Organization.

Abhinav displayed a blend of both speed and accuracy that enabled him to produce a high volume of work while maintaining outstanding quality standards. Being a fast learner, he was always open towards new ideas and brought fresh perspectives to the table.

His work included our website interface design. branding collaterals, EDMs, photography and videography of events, content writing and other print and digital based graphic projects. He was able to follow instructions in a thorough and detailed manner and also demonstrated the capability to work independently without close supervision whenever required. He consistently displayed a solid service orientation towards our clients.

As you can tell by now, I am quite impressed with this outstanding candidate and give him my recommendation for roles which require creativity, innovation, communication skills, service, and a positive attitude. He will be a valuable asset to any institution.

Please feel free to contact me if you require additional information or perspective.


Alson Teo
(Financial Services Manager)
Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd
Mobile: (65) 9046 2100

Analysis/ Identifying problems:
-From my research I found out that the company didn't have a brand style guide. Due to this, there were many visual inconsistencies throughout the websites visual style. 
-We identified that we needed to recreate a brand style guide by connecting the dots backwards. 
-As Apex is an insurance company we needed to design a website which looks trust worthy.

APEX PWM is one of Singapore's largest Financial advisory firms. I designed a 36 page website for them.

Plaex Building Systems


Garbage has become a huge issue in today’s world. Currently, about 2.01 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste is produced annually worldwide. The World Bank estimates overall waste generation will increase to 3.40 billion metric tons annually by 2050.


Plaex uses recycled plastic to make construction cheap, easy and sustainable.

Process compilation

Technical sketches I created for my Accessibility Design class. I designed a pill crusher which semi-paralyzed stroke patients can use. Many stroke patients suffer with 'Dysphagia' simply means, difficulty swallowing due to neurological damage.